Image Schemas and Linguistic Relativity

Rob Freeman rjfreeman at
Sun May 9 06:03:39 UTC 2004

Resignation is harsh punishment. But I think it is worth chasing such
statements in public announcements, simply because there are going to be many
less well informed, more easily influenced, individuals who won't see the
posturing as provocative, but will assume it is the accepted position.

In linguistics perhaps less so than in German politics... or perhaps not :-)

Anyway, I'm glad to see the issue of subjectivity in "image schemas" has had a
good airing on the list.

I hope you have a good workshop Monica.


Rob Freeman

On Saturday 08 May 2004 08:48, Paul Hopper wrote:
> I understood Monica's call for papers all along to be stating two extreme
> positions, rather than endorsing one of them herself. As a means of scaring
> up opinions along the entire spectrum of views, it seems a perfectly
> legitimate tactic in a call for papers.
> But it's an interesting category confusion, between direct and indirect
> disourse, de re and de dictu, linguistic and metalinguistic, whatever we're
> to call it. Failure to contextualize the two poles adequately can get
> people into serious trouble. A few years ago a German politician had to
> resign after giving a speech in which he rhetorically adopted the persona
> of a supporter of right-wing extremists and seemed to many to be endorsing
> the very views he was actually opposing.
> Paul Hopper

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