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June 9-13, 2006, St. Petersburg

First Call for Papers
The Russian Association for Cognitive Studies invites submissions for the 2nd Bi-Annual Russian Conference on Cognitive Science to be held on 9-13 June, 2006, in St. Petersburg. Our goal in organizing the conference is to continue the multidisciplinary dialog started  in  Kazan  in 2004 during the 1st Russian Conference on Cognitive Science. Topics of interest include cognition and its evolution, intellect, thinking, perception, consciousness, knowledge representation and acquisition, language as a means of cognition and communication, brain mechanisms of cognition, emotion and higher forms of behavior. Psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists, specialists in artificial intelligence and neuroinformatics, computer scientists, philosophers, anthropologists, as well as other researchers interested in interdisciplinary research, are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. 

The working languages of the conference will be Russian and English. The conference program will include overview lectures by leading experts in cognitive science, round tables, oral papers, posters, and a special session for students and junior researchers. The invited speakers are Natalya Behtereva, Riitta Hari, Ray Jackendoff, Ronald W. Langacker, Dan Slobin, Vladimir Zinchenko and others.




DEADLINE: October 15, 2005


There are two categories for submission: 

PAPERS (20- or 30-minute spoken presentations) and POSTERS. 

Novel research papers are invited on any topic related to cognition. Submitted abstracts should be in Russian or English and no longer than 2 pages (single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 type size), including illustrations and references. They will be evaluated through peer review with respect to several criteria, including originality, quality, and significance of research, relevance to a broad audience of cognitive science researchers, and clarity of presentation. One author cannot participate in more than two submitted papers (only once as a first author).

            Papers accepted for oral presentation will be presented at the conference as scheduled talks. Papers accepted for poster presentation will be presented at a poster session at the conference. All papers may present results from completed but original unpublished research as well as report on current research with an emphasis on novel approaches, methods, ideas, and perspectives.



cogsci06 at 


FORMAT: MS Word file attached to an e-mail message. At the beginning of an abstract please indicate the following information:

  a.. the title of the paper
  b.. the author(s) information, including:
    a.. full name
    b.. affiliation
    c.. degree or educational status (undergraduate student, graduate student, Ph.D., etc.)
    d.. postal address
    e.. phone number
    f.. e-mail address
  c.. 5 to 7 keywords

Ensuring that each submission received solid reviews takes considerable time, and the Program Committee will inform the authors of its decisions on the acceptance by January 15, 2006. Abstracts of the papers accepted for publication will be published by the beginning of the conference. Authors of top-rated conference papers will be invited to prepare expanded versions of their papers for publication in a special volume.




Boris M. Velichkovsky (Dresden University of Technology and Moscow State University; applied cognitive research). 


Tatiana V. Chernigovskaya (St.-Petersburg State University; linguistics and neurobiology);

Yury I. Alexandrov (Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences; psychophysiology, neurosciences). 


Denis N. Akhapkin (Institute of Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; linguistics).



Tatiana V. Chernigovskaya (St.-Petersburg State University; linguistics and neurobiology). 


Additional information on the conference is available at  the web site of the Association for Cognitive Studies or by e-mail at: cogsci06 at    

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