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Rob Freeman lists at
Tue Mar 21 02:25:44 UTC 2006

You _are_ a card, Alex!

Inspired by your example I also printed out the whole thread. Uncertain who to 
give it to first I gave it to my dog. He ate it.

What does that prove? :-)


On Tuesday 21 March 2006 10:32, Alexander Gross2 wrote:
> I sent a copy of the entire 183 KB grammaticalization/epiphenomena
> discussion file to an English friend with an M.A. in linguistics, someone
> who regularly publishes technical articles about language & currently
> resides in Germany.  Here was his reaction:
> _________________________
> Have flicked though it and find it quite tame and utterly boring. It's this
> sort of linguistics that alienates me from linguistics.
> In all the exchanges, there is not one reference to foreign languages or
> even speaking English that I can see. It's philosophy.
> Linguistics has become a talking shop for talking about language and not
> learning foreign ones! In this way, these funknetters are as adrift as the
> sic-langeurs.* Just to annoy you, I think it's mostly a US-American
> phenomenon (sic). Smile!
> ----------------------------------------
> *"sic langeurs" is my friend's term for those linguists who forgather on
> the sci.lang USENET newsgroup.
> all the best!
> alex

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