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R. A. Jacobs rjacobs at
Tue Mar 21 03:10:46 UTC 2006

Langeurs is too too langoureux! As another bloody-minded Brit, I 
barely skimmed Alex's friend's bloody-minded harangue-typical of the 
kind that lost us our empire! Still, it's obvious that Yanks don't 
know how to do anything properly except BS, the virtuous limeys 
murmur over their PG tips. Long live the Queen!


>On Tuesday 21 March 2006 10:32, Alexander Gross2 wrote:
>>  I sent a copy of the entire 183 KB grammaticalization/epiphenomena
>>  discussion file to an English friend with an M.A. in linguistics, someone
>>  who regularly publishes technical articles about language & currently
>>  resides in Germany.  Here was his reaction:
>>  _________________________
>>  Have flicked though it and find it quite tame and utterly boring. It's this
>>  sort of linguistics that alienates me from linguistics.
>>  In all the exchanges, there is not one reference to foreign languages or
>>  even speaking English that I can see. It's philosophy.
>>  Linguistics has become a talking shop for talking about language and not
>>  learning foreign ones! In this way, these funknetters are as adrift as the
>>  sic-langeurs.* Just to annoy you, I think it's mostly a US-American
>>  phenomenon (sic). Smile!
>>  ----------------------------------------
>>  *"sic langeurs" is my friend's term for those linguists who forgather on
>>  the sci.lang USENET newsgroup.
>>  all the best!
>>  alex

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