Gray Codes and diagrammatic iconicity in language?

jess tauber phonosemantics at
Wed May 24 09:52:37 UTC 2006

For those of you who may have been interested in the symbolism-connectionism wars of a few years back, the notion of  the Gray code seems to fill an important gap between pure binary/digital and more iconic ways of representing meaning (at least from the perspective of diagrammatical iconicity). Somehow I managed to wander from reading up on how such coding conventions have possible relevance to the biological genetic code and its evolution into possible linguistic applications (to which I can find NO references on the WWW).

I guess ideally I should bring this up on the cognitivist discussion, but I've seen their reactions to anything coming from my mind, so on second thought maybe here is better. Less scratching of nails on blackboards.

Any takers?

Jess Tauber
phonosemantics at

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