Article on functional-cognitive space

Lachlan Mackenzie lachlan_mackenzie at
Tue Nov 21 10:21:45 UTC 2006

Dear colleagues,
It may be of interest to some list members to know of the recent publication
of a substantial article on the relationship between functional and
cognitive linguistics. In this article, we compare the following approaches
on a set of 36 properties: Functional Grammar; Functional Discourse Grammar;
Role and Reference Grammar; Systemic Functional Grammar; Givón's work;
Emergent Grammar; Langacker's Cognitive Grammar; the Constructional Grammar
variants of Goldberg, Fillmore et al, and Croft; Culicover and Jackendoff's
'Simpler Syntax' model, the last of these being included because of its
adoption of some of the key ideas of functionalist and constructionist
thinking within a model which has its origins in generative linguistics.
This analysis allows us to produce a 'mapping' of functional-cognitive space
which shows the relationships across this set of models in much greater
detail than has so far been the case. The reference is:

Gonzálvez-García, Francisco and Christopher S. Butler (2006) Mapping
functional-cognitive space. Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics 4, 39-96.

The authors would, of course, be pleased to receive comments on this work
(fgonza at, cbutler at
Chris Butler
Honorary Professor, University of Wales Swansea, UK

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