Summer School on Linguiostic Methodology

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Tue Nov 21 19:54:41 UTC 2006

The Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE) is organising a

Summer School on Linguistic Methodology

to be held in Italy (Campobasso), July 16th-29th, 2007.


The aim of the Summer School is both to provide solid methodological
principles and to practise up-to-date analytic procedures and working
technologies. It focuses on questions of epistemology, of reliability and
validity of methods, on practical and technical tasks of data provision,
processing, analysis, storage and retrieval as well as on psychological,
social and ethical questions of treatment of informants and speech
communities. Its major aim is to enable participants to execute a project by
themselves in selecting the methods appropriate to their topic and applying
them correctly to the data.


The level of the seminars addresses PhD students of linguistics and
neighbouring disciplines. Participants of other academic levels will be
admitted to the extent possible.


The lecturers are internationally renowned professors of linguistics with
different specialties, coming from five European countries and the USA.


Lecturers and participants will be hosted together in Campobasso. The
language of the Summer School will be English.


The Summer School comprises a total of 16 courses, 8 per week. A course
should be attended by up to 20 students. Thus, the summer school can take up
to 160 students.


The list of courses is the following:


Epistemology of linguistics 

Methodology of field work

Ethnolinguistics of oral traditions


Methodology of tonology      

Syntactic typology

Methodology of dialectology and its theoretical consequences

Syntactic theory and usage frequency

Methodology of historical linguistics

Language contact

Methodology of corpus linguistics for spoken and written language

Methodology of first language acquisition research

Methodology of second language acquisition research

Computational approaches to typology

Elicitation of verbal behavior by non-verbal stimuli

Discourse analysis


Scientific organizer

Christian Lehmann, University of Erfurt

Christian.Lehmann at Uni-Erfurt.De


 Local organiser

Giuliana Fiorentino, Università del Molise

 <mailto:giuliana.fiorentino at> giuliana.fiorentino at

summerschool2007 at


For further information and registration, see the Summer School website:




Dipartimento SUSS

Università degli studi del Molise

Via de Sanctis, snc

I-86100 Campobasso

(+39) 0874 404 288

giuliana.fiorentino at



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