New Benjamins journal: Constrictions and Frames

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New Benjamins journal to begin 2009: Constructions and Frames

Constructions and Frames

Kyoko Ohara, Keio University
Kiki Nikiforidou, University of Athens

ISSN: 1876-1933
E-ISSN: 1876-1941

Constructions and Frames is an international peer-reviewed journal 
that provides a forum for construction-based approaches to language 
analysis. Constructional models emphasize the role of constructions, 
as conventional pairings of meaning and form, in stating 
language-specific and cross-linguistic generalizations and in 
accounting equally for regular and semi-regular patterns. Frame 
Semantics, which has become a semantic complement of some 
constructional approaches, elaborates the analysis of form-meaning 
relationships by focusing on lexical semantic issues that are 
relevant to grammatical structure. The preoccupation of 
constructional theories with meaning allows for natural integration 
of grammatical inquiry with semantic, pragmatic, and discourse 
research; often coupled with corpus evidence, this orientation also 
enriches current perspectives on language acquisition, language 
change, and language use.

Constructions and Frames publishes articles which range from 
descriptions of grammatical phenomena in different languages to 
constructionally-oriented work in cognitive linguistics, 
grammaticalization theory, typology, conversation analysis and 
interactional linguistics, poetics, and sociolinguistics. Articles 
that explore applications to or implications for related fields, such 
as communication studies, computational linguistics, lexicography, 
psychology, and anthropology are also invited.

The aim of the journal is to promote innovative research that extends 
constructional approaches in new directions and along interdisciplinary paths.


Volume 1 (2009): 2 issues, 300 pp. EUR 140.00

Individuals may apply for a special subscription rate of EUR 70.00. 
Private subscriptions are for personal use only, and must be pre-paid 
and ordered directly from the publisher.

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