Hubpage about the nature of language written for a general audience

A. Katz amnfn at
Thu Sep 11 13:39:35 UTC 2008

Fellow Funknetters,

I've just published a hubpage article about language from a functional
perspective. The URL is:

This piece is written for a general audience, so it goes light on the
jargon and explains things in ordinary terms accessible to everyone.
However, it does touch on the same issues that we like to discuss on
funknet, issues such as:

    * innateness versus learned behavior
    * the brain wiring itself for language
    * conditions necessary for a child to develop language
    * variations in the physical structure that processes language
    * variations in native speakers' ability to parse complex sentences
    * competence versus performance
    * language instruction in the schools

I would very much appreciate your looking over this article and offering
comments. Also, if you think this material would be helpful to your
introductory linguistics students, you could offer it as suggested

There is no charge for viewing the article. The site is paid for by Google
Adsense and Kontera ads. Revenue from the article goes to fund Project
Bow, a language acquisition research project with a six year old
chimpanzee as the subject.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Bow, there are also
some hubs about that, the most recent of which is:

Looking forward to your input,

     --Aya Katz

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