Special issue on the Legacy of John Sinclair

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International Journal of Lexicography (Oxford Univ. Press)

Special Issue: The Legacy of John Sinclair Guest edited by Patrick Hanks

John Sinclair was the most radical thinker on the lexicon of the 20th  
century. His insights into the nature of collocations and discourse  
structure have inspired new ways of analysing meaning. He was never  
afraid to face up to awkward questions such as the vague and  
probabilistic nature of meaning and of evidence of word use. His  
insistence on close, detailed analysis of evidence played a major  
role in the development of the emerging discipline of corpus  
linguistics, now universally recognised as a cornerstone of modern  
lexicography. In this memorial issue, some of his leading former  
colleagues and admirers from Asia, Africa, and America as well as  
Britain and Europe, present a broad spectrum of papers inspired by  
the Sinclairian approach, ranging from practical dictionary making to  
new developments in linguistic theory.

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Table of contents

Volume 21, Issue 3


FREE ARTICLE: The Lexicographical Legacy of John Sinclair Patrick Hanks


Corpus-driven Lexicography

Ramesh Krishnamurthy


Sinclair, Phraseology, and Lexicography

Rosamund Moon


A Multilingual Matter: Sinclair and the Bilingual Dictionary

Geoffrey Williams


Why Does Africa Need Sinclair?

Gilles-Maurice de Schryver


Lexicography, Grammar, and Textual Position

Michael Hoey and Matthew Brook O'Donnell


The Lexis of Electronic Gaming on the Web: A Sinclairian Approach

Vincent B.Y. Ooi


Approximate Lexicography and Web Search

Kenneth W. Church


Between Chaos and Structure: Interpreting Lexical Data Through a  
Theoretical Lens

James Pustejovsky and Anna Rumshisky


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