Seminar on Construction Grammar

Annalisa Baicchi annalisa.baicchi at
Tue Jan 26 18:33:24 UTC 2010

ESSE 2010

The European Society for the Study of English

10th International Conference

Turin, ITALY

24-28 August 2010

*Seminar n° 55. *

*Construction Grammar(s) meets Cognitive Semantics: Theoretical,
Lexicographic and Acquisitional Perspectives*

The seminar is intended to be a forum for the discussion of the notion of
construction conceived of a learned pairing of form with semantic and
discursive function, along with its psychological status based on language
processing and acquisition. Specifically, the seminar aims to promote
interaction and collaboration among researchers interested in areas of
mainly (though not exclusively) present-day English such as:  the definition
of construction and its relation to similar alternative notions such as
templates or fragments, the division of labour between lexical semantics and
constructional semantics, the combination of constructions, the
grammar-lexicon continuum, the interaction between lexical and
constructional templates, coercion and/or metonymic operations,
illocutionary constructions, database vs. knowledge-base dictionaries, the
impact of frequency on the status of construction as well as a facilitatory
factor of language learning, the role of constructions in a context-based
view of grammaticalization, etc.


Annalisa BAICCHI (Università di Pavia, IT) annalisa.baicchi at

Francisco GONZÁLVEZ-GARCÍA (Universidad de Almería, ES) fgonza at

Ø     Procedure for submitting proposals for papers:

Those wishing to participate in the Conference are invited to submit
200-word abstracts of their proposed papers directly to the convenors of the
seminar in question before 20 February 2010. The convenors will let the
proponents know whether their proposals have been accepted no later than 28
February 2010. Oral presentations are expected to take 20 minutes plus 10
approximately for questions and/or further discussion.

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