Rice Working Papers in Linguistics: Second Call for papers

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Tue Oct 26 16:21:43 UTC 2010


The Rice Working Papers in Linguistics is currently soliciting  
submissions for its third volume (you can see published volumes at  
http://owling.blogs.rice.edu/rwpl-vol-1/ and  
http://owling.blogs.rice.edu/rwpl-vol-2/). The deadline is November  
15th. Please see the guidelines below and consider submitting your  
work to rwpl at rice.edu.


Rice Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 3
Deadline: **November 15th, 2010**

The Rice Linguistics Society (RLS) solicits submissions from all  
subfields of linguistics (with the exception of ESL/TESOL and related  
areas of applied linguistics) for publication in the Rice Working  
Papers in Linguistics. Students and post-docs are strongly encouraged  
to submit. We especially welcome submissions in line with our  
department's focus on functional, usage-based approaches to language  
study using empirical data, including but not limited to the following:

-cognitive/functional linguistics
-typology and language universals
-field studies in less commonly researched languages
-sociolinguistics, including sociophonetics
-phonetics and speech processing
-laboratory phonology
-forensic linguistics
-corpus linguistics
-psycholinguistics and language processing
-language change and grammaticalization

Submitted papers must meet the following minimum style requirements:

-recommended length 15-25 pages (normally 5000-8000 words);  
significantly longer or shorter papers will be considered on a  
case-by-base basis (contact the editorial board)
-For comprehensive details on format (such as font, margins, examples,  
references, etc.) please refer to the RWPL template available on the  
Style sheet link at http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~rls/files/Style_Sheet.dot
-submit an abstract (maximum 500 words), including 3-5 keywords, as a  
separate Word file
-submit two copies (in addition to your abstract):
(1) one copy in Word (2003 or 2007)
(2) in addition to the Word submission, you must send a PDF version to  
ensure fonts are preserved

RLS accepts only electronic submissions for the working papers. These  
must be sent to rwpl at rice.edu, and the body of the e-mail should  

-title of paper
-name of author(s)
-phone number
-contact e-mail address

The deadline for receipt of submissions is **November 15th, 2010**.  
Questions regarding the submissions process or style requirements may  
be addressed to the editorial board at rwpl at rice.edu.

Carlos Molina-Vital

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