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José-Luis Mendívil jlmendi at unizar.es
Fri Oct 29 12:16:41 UTC 2010

I'm not sure this is what you are looking for, but (the need of) the 
distinction between 'grammaticallity' and 'unnaceptability' was 
discussed interestingly in Newmeyer's 1983 (still) remarkable book:

Newmeyer, F.J. (1983): Grammatical Theory. Its Limits and Its 
Possibilities, The University of Chicago
Press: Chicago y Londres.

Best regards,
José-Luis Mendívil

El 29/10/2010, a las 12:18, Gael Vaamonde escribió:

> Hello,
> I remember to read an article or a book where it is said  that much of 
> the cases discussed in terms of grammatical vs. agrammatical should be 
> better accounted for in terms of appropriated vs. inappropriated 
> context. Of course, this is a general idea which can be directly or 
> indirectly found in several works, but I am looking for the 
> source/author where (I think) this is stated as a (well-known?) quote 
> or maxim. Some suggestion?... Thank you!
> Gael Vaamonde
> University of Vigo
Dr José-Luis Mendívil
General Linguistics
Universidad de Zaragoza

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