Project Bow Summer Internship; A request for collaboration and grad student sharing

A. Katz amnfn at
Wed Jan 5 14:21:29 UTC 2011

Fellow funknetters,

The purpose of this email is twofold: first, to announce the new summer 
internship with Project Bow, which has an April 15 application deadline, 
and might be of interest to some of your students. Here is the link:

The second purpose is to address those of you who are tenured professors 
in linguistics and cognitive science and who have an active research 
program. Have you ever been interested in investigating ape language? Did 
you give it up when you realized there was no funding for it, apes are now 
banned from most academic campuses, and there are all sorts of Federal 
laws making it virtually impossible to do anything without the supervision 
of a special committee and complying with lots of red tape requirements?

If this applies to you, consider this: I have an ape language program 
already in progress. Collaborating with me will not cost you anything in 
your research budget. You have something that I want: graduate students 
whose time is paid for by stipends. I have something that you and your 
students want: access to an enculturated, linguistically sophisticated 

My internship program allows young people to begin participating in the 
project, but it is not something that they can continue with and make a 
lifetime commitment to, because there are no institutional funds for us.
You have the institutional funds. Please look into the possibility of 
allowing some of your graduate students to write their doctoral dissertation about 
Bow. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to collaborate!


     --Aya Katz

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