New eries on Text and Social Context - Proposals sought

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We are pleased to announce a new series from Equinox books that will be of interest to all those working within functional linguistic frameworks that seek to interrelate textual and lexicogrammatical features with aspects of social life in a motivated and systematic way.  The series outline follows.  Potential contributors should contact the series editors with an outline of the proposed work: 
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Text and Social Context
The purpose of the series is to provide in-depth accounts of language use in social life that interrelate fine-grained analysis of texts and extensive analysis of the sociocultural context in which the texts are produced and interpreted. The series thus aims to bring together and consolidate the strengths of various sociolinguistic, textual and critical discourse approaches to linguistic analysis that are often treated in isolation. The series will draw explicitly on functional accounts of language-as-action in specific social contexts in order both to analyse the social meaning of situated texts and to test and develop the theory against these accounts.
Books in this series will provide a fuller and more adequate description of the social context than is often afforded by existing textual studies and equal prominence will therefore be given to descriptions of context, drawing on methods from disciplines such as ethnography, sociology and psychology, and to the language produced. Titles will be expected to discuss not only significant patterns of linguistic choices in texts and their role in construing the context in which the texts function, but also the dynamics of language production and uptake. Thus they will typically present and discuss (in any appropriate sequence): (i) a broad account of the context of the study; (ii) a functional linguistic account of the area of language in focus; (iii) analyses of language-in-use in the specific context, drawing on disciplines such as ethnography, sociology and psychology to enhance the interpretation of the linguistic analysis; (iv) suggested theoretical developments to the theory in light of the analyses. The books might also present (v) suggestions for linguistic intervention in the context described. 
The books in this series are mainly addressed to researchers, postgraduate students and teachers working within all areas of language in social life, though they will also be of use in specialist undergraduate study

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