Why Netiquette matters...

alex gross language at sprynet.com
Wed Mar 9 06:46:03 UTC 2011

 Tom, I like to imagine that I possess a sense of fitness and
 of humor.  So let me tell you in no uncertain terms that I have not the
 slightest intention of ever engaging in a flame war with you (though I
 bet if I did, I would win :-)  ).  This is because I have deep respect for
 you and for everyone here, including those I do not agree with, simply
 because you have all collectively undertaken the often thankless task of
 trying to understand how language works.

 That said, with all respect I can't help wondering if it was entirely
 appropriate for you, seconded by Chris, to suggest that the apparent lack
 of response to some of my messages might just indicate that my presence
 here may be superfluous. Based on my experience since 1991 with
 discussions on learned groups, in my opinion both those messages could be
 interpreted as an invitation and/or instigation to a flame war, a challenge 
 absolutely will not accept.

 Flame wars are not merely bad Netiquette, they are boring and/or
 irritating to read, they shed no light but only heat and passion, and
 they diminish standards of discussion for everyone wherever they occur.

 I wonder if it might not be  appropriate for you to consider that
perhaps you yourself might conceivably be one reason why
debate is sometimes curtailed here, why some  contributors
might think twice about posting, and why a number of us may
 not always receive as many replies as we might.

All the very best!


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