Why Netiquette matters...

Thomas Pinto thomasa.pinto at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 18:26:20 UTC 2011

Alex Gross have you ever considered why you ‘may not always receive as many
replies as you might’ is probably due to the fact that you are pretentious
self indulgent attention whore?   Your bio presented on your website is both
laughable and embarrassing.      http://language.home.sprynet.com/

>A practicing polyglot, Alex Gross has meddled in more nations and cultures
than he ever had the right to do—and he has left a few traces of his
activities behind him in all of them. Selig-like, he seamlessly blended into
his surroundings and propelled both artistic and political motion in Germany,
the UK, the US, and Holland.

> Over the last thirty-five years Chinese Medicine, the Ancient Greek
Theatre, Artificial Intelligence, the Unabomber, Dramaturgy for the Royal
Shakespeare Company, Translation in Theory and Practice, Radio Announcing in
Spain, and unceasingly Language and Linguistics have been just some of the
causes and activities where he has left tangible and legible traces.

Ugh. Ego much?  Your observations and ideas often have some merit and
insight but these are offset by your use of this discussion group as a
Kleenex for your mental masturbation.   Yes, Jess Tauber and the chimp
researcher Aya Katz also seem to enjoy posting and ruminating but at least
they have proper training and a background in language and linguistics not
like your ad hoc hodge podge set of skills and supposed qualifications.

As you so aptly pointed out I wonder if it might not be appropriate for you,
Alex Gross, to consider that perhaps you yourself might conceivably be one
reason why debate is sometimes curtailed here and why some contributors
might think twice about posting.

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