Data Collection Advice

s.t. bischoff at
Tue Oct 25 14:14:06 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Some colleagues and I are working on a survey to find  out what types of
code-switching  might be acceptable (in terms of traditional grammaticallity
judgments) for constructions like the following.

(1) The toy verde was my favorite
(2) The casa big está a la venta
(3) Leamos juntos el book interesante
(4) No me gusta the cuchillo sharp

We want use the data to develop some psycholinguistic experiments regarding
code-switching.  At the moment we are trying to determine a good way to
collect responses. We intend to provide an online survey with examples like
1 through 4, but haven't worked out how to collect the responses. We've seen
different ways in which this has been done, with linguists often simply
providing an "acceptable" or "not acceptable"  choice and psychologist
providing at times up to seven different options. . Any thoughts or advice
on what has been useful and what hasn't been useful for folks would be
welcome. We want the survey to be short and simple and we aware of the many
pitfalls of grammaticallity judgements.


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