Speech that is not segmented into sentences

René-Joseph Lavie rjl at ehop.com
Sun Apr 21 19:57:34 UTC 2013

Dear Funknetters,

I am looking for authentic examples of speech that is not segmented 
into sentences.

Should not be sequences of short phrases separated by prosodic pauses 
of hesitations.
Should not be speech with clear sentence structure and just lacking the 
full stops (like e.g. ancient Latin writing practice).

Should be comparatively long stretches of continuous speech in which 
even an elaborate analysis fails at deciding where the sentence 
boundaries should be placed.

I remember, when a child, an aunt of mine, who only had a fragmentary 
education; she tended to speak like that and I found it strange, but I 
was not in a position to collect any bit of her speech at that time. I 
miss her today.

Who can help? European languages could do: English, French, Spanish, 
Italian, Latin. I could cope with German too, less easily. I could also 
do with Inuktitut, Japanese or Swahili though with greater toil in the 
Any idea? Any spot where that kind of resource is to be found? Thanks 
for your help.

René-Joseph Lavie
MoDyCo (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense et CNRS)
rjl at ehop.com
33 (0)9 8065 6722 ---- 33 (0)6 0818 6973

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