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Mon Apr 22 20:19:36 UTC 2013


This isn't exactly the same thing, but in Israel it's very clear
that Arabic-speaking students have a 

strong tendency to study in
English departments because the language of instruction is English 

this means that they won't have to compete with native speakers of
Hebrew in Hebrew-medium 



On 22.04.2013 21:34, s.t.
bischoff wrote: 

> Hello all,
> I'd like to collect data on the role
that English plays in student
> decisions to attend universities where
the primary language of instruction,
> and the community, is not
English, but where English plays an important
> role (e.g. some courses
may be taught in English, English textbooks may be
> used, or the
university promotes itself as offering degrees in English
> along with
the community language). I have looked at a number of different
"language attitude" surveys for ideas, but was curious if anyone has
> or seen research of this particular nature.
> Thanks,


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