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Mon Mar 22 18:42:29 UTC 2010

Dear list,
I forward Benjamins' announcement regarding the 
new Journal of Historical Linguistics, edited by 
Johanna Barddal and myself. We are especially 
happy to announce it to you, as the project has 
been born on this list, out of discussion with a 
number of members, and we wish to thank everyone 
for their contribution. We encourage all of you 
to submit your papers for the first issues of the journal!
Best wishes

>John Benjamins is proud to announce a  significant addition to its program
>in historical linguistics. With the long-established journal Diachronica
>and now the new Journal of Historical Linguistics, we hope to provide a
>platform for the publication of many high-quality papers in this field.
>The Journal of Historical Linguistics aims to publish papers dealing with
>any language or language family as long as they make a significant
>contribution to the theory or methodology of the field of historical
>linguistics. In principle, all papers should have a diachronic orientation.
>Papers published in the journal are expected to present more than a
>repetition of previous studies extended to another dataset, but, e.g.,
>bring new perspectives, refine existing methodologies or challenge current
>views on general issues based on careful analysis of the extant historical
>data. Regarding methodology there is a need to extend methods and
>approaches well developed within linguistic typology to historical
>linguistics, as there is still a major gap between these two fields. This
>does not only mean that historical linguistics could profit from the
>contribution of linguistic typology, but also the contrary. Thus,
>contributions on diachronic typology, which combine methods from both
>fields, would be most welcome.
>Papers as a rule should be kept within a maximum of 10,000 words; longer
>papers may be considered depending on quality/relevance of the data. All
>papers will be peer reviewed by two or three external reviewers and by
>members of the editorial board. The journal will publish book reviews of
>medium length (up to 4,000 words); review articles (up to 10,000 words)
>will also be considered. In addition, the journal will have a section for
>book notices (500 words).
>To ensure that a submission fits the aim and scope of JHL, authors are
>encouraged to send a summary of their paper prior to formal submission, by
>electronic mail as regular text or attachment, to the editors:
>Silvia Luraghi
>University of Pavia
>Department of Linguistics
>Corso Strada Nuova 65
>I-27100 PAVIA, Italy
>silvia.luraghi at
>Jóhanna Barðdal
>University of Bergen
>Dept of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
>P.O. Box 7805
>NO-5020 BERGEN, Norway
>johanna.barddal at

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