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Dear Listserv Owner,

I am a representative of the Fulbright Scholar Program and would like
to have a message posted on your listserv, announcing Fulbright
Scholar opportunities in linguistics.  Would it be possible for you to
do this for us?

If so, we would greatly appreciate it. The message is below. Please
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Victoria Lardner

Outreach and Public Affairs

Institute of International Education

Department of Scholar and Professional Programs

Council for International Exchange of Scholars

3007 Tilden St. NW, Suite #5L

Washington, DC 20008

202-686-4000 | 202-362-3442

scholars at iie.org | www.iie.org/cies

The Fulbright Scholar Program and Fulbright Humphrey Fellowship
Program are administered by the Institute of International Education’s
Department of Scholar and Professional Programs, which includes the
Council for International Exchange of Scholars and Humphrey divisions.

For more information, contact us at scholars at iie.org or 202-686-4000
or visit www.iie.org/cies.

Fulbright Scholar Program for US Faculty and Professionals for 2011-2012 is Open

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers 50 awards in teaching, research
or combined teaching/research in linguistics, including a Fulbright
Distinguished Chair.  Even better, faculty and professionals in
linguistics also can apply for one of the 175 “All Discipline” awards
open to all fields.

What does Fulbright offer in linguistics?  Here are a few of the
awards for 2011-2012:

South and Central Asia: Applications in linguistics are welcome in
many of these countries, including India and Pakistan. Distinguished
chair awards also available.

South America: Grant opportunities are available in Chile, El
Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Panama.

Turkey:  Applications in linguistics are welcome.

Faculty and professionals are also encouraged to participate in one of
our weekly webinars, including a special March 25th session featuring
Adam Grotsky, Executive Director of the United States-India
Educational Foundation, on the expanding Fulbright opportunities in
India.  For more information, visit our website at

The application deadline is August 2, 2010.  U.S. citizenship is
required.  For more information, visit our website at www.iie.org/cies
or contact us at scholars at iie.org.
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