International Vedic Seminar, Pavia 26-30 March, 2012

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University of Pavia (Italy)
  Linguistic Department

Third International Seminar on Vedic Sanskrit
26-30 March, 2012

Mon.   26        14-16   Thomas Krisch (Universität Salzburg)
Introduction, presentation of RIVELEX  and text analysis 1.
Scheduled Contents: Short Introduction to the 
Vedic language and its literature; presentation 
of the Salzburg Rigveda lexicon (Powerpoint); 
cursory reading of an interesting  Rigvedic text 
(Creation Hymn 10, 129) with notes on the intensive.

Tue.     27        14-16   Malhar Kulkarni (IIT 
Mumbai) “Vedic accent and Paninian grammar”

Wed.   28        14-16   Thomas Krisch (Universität Salzburg)
Text analysis 2 and Vedic grammar
Scheduled  contents: Yama and Yam (RV 10,10) with 
textual linguistic notes, notes on 
etymology  etc. an more comprehensive grammatical 
excursus on the injunctive, the perfects with a 
long vowel in the reduplication syllable, the 
origins of the length of auslauting vowels.

Thur.   29        14-16   Eystein Dahl (Universitetet i Bergen)
Readings from Shatapatha brahmana

Fri.      30        11-13   Vedic/Thomas Krisch (Universität Salzburg)
Text analysis 3 and selected issues in Vedic historical and comparative Grammar
Scheduled contents: reading (parts of)  a 
mythological Rigveda-text ( Indra as a 
dragon-slayer RV 1,32) with notes on PIE religion 
and poetic language; topics in Vedic historical 
phonology (Brugmann’s law) and syntax (Wackernagel’s law)

14-16   Eystein Dahl (Universitetet i Bergen)
Readings from Shatapatha brahmana

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