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Appologies for multiple postings:
The language conference list located on the WWW at URL
has been updated with over 80 new conferences and
about 2 dozen other changes since the February
1997 edition.
Conference Schedule
 for Linguists, Translators, Interpreters and Teachers of Languages.
(Clicking on the applicable link will provide
 additional conference information).
2000 - 2003!
Quarterly events for which the exact date is not known.
Annual events for which the exact date is not known.
Biennial events for which the exact date is not known.
A special "continuing" event.
Your chance to publish your scholarly work on language.
Links for linguists I've run across while searching for conferences.
I've even found some job opportunities for linguists.
Past schedules will remain on the list for several months after the
date of the function for those who may wish to plan for next year.
For maintenance convenience, this list
is divided into several pages. They are:
     confer.html The conference list home page.
     confer7.html for conferences in 1997.
     confer8.html for conferences in 1998 and beyond.
     conf_pub.html for miscellaneously scheduled conferences
        and other links for linguists.
     confer_x.html for past conference schedules.
     con_links.html for useful conference-related links.
    Searching for Conferences
Conferences are listed chronologically.
No attempt has been made at this time to
provide a means to search the list for a
particular type of conference. Perhaps this
capability will be available in the future.
One may, of course, search the list using
the "find" or "search" function of the WWW
browser being used.
I have moved the links where one may search for
additional conferences to its own page because the
number is growing so large and beginning to clutter
this page even more. There also are links to other
related sites which Linguists, Translators, Inter-
preters and Teachers of Languages should find of value.
As all information pasted to the list is cut from the
original source (hypertexted with each schedule) I cannot
be held responsible for errors. Check the provided source,
first. Otherwise, please send corrections, additions, and
updates to royfcoch at (Roy F. Cochrun)
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Last update 5 April 1997.
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