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Mon Apr 14 14:46:52 UTC 1997

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Dear Histling  Colleagues,
Jean-Marie Hombert and I are putting together a data base on
Proto-languages. We are trying to regroup in this data base as many
reconstructed proto systems as possible. We are aiming at a
"representative" sample of proto-systems corresponding to different
time-depths (right now our data base contains 60 proto-systems).
For language families we are not familiar with, it is  sometimes difficult
to evaluate the quality of the sources (and sometimes difficult to find the
relevant sources).
If you are familiar with one (or several) language families and
corresponding proto-phonological systems, we would greatly appreciate if
you could send us what you consider to be the best bibliographical
reference (or references if there are competing reconstructions ) for the
reconstructed proto-system(s) of  this (these) language family.
Thank you very much.
Egidio Marsico

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