Some new web pages for HISTLING

Anthony Aristar aristar at
Mon Jan 4 22:49:44 UTC 1999

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Dear Colleagues,

I've just received this information from Anthony Aristar (of the Linguist
List); it may be of interest.

Dorothy Disterheft

from Anthony Aristar:

We've just put up a web-page which will allow people to subscribe via
the web to those lists we archive, and to search them as well.  We
hope it'll make it a lot easier for people to find histling, and to
interact with the listserv, since we've linked this to our main
page. The URL is:

The form for interacting with the Listserv might be useful for those
subscribers who never quite figure out how to get the Listserv
to do what they want.  The URL for this is:

Have a Happy New Year!


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