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A new issue of the INDO-EUROPEAN STUDIES BULLETIN (formerly "IE
Newsletter") has appeared.  It contains news, book reviews,
listings of new books, upcoming conferences and summer schools,
new electronic resources for IE, IE books available for review in
Language as well as essays.

Contents of Vol. 8, No. 1, November/December 1998

    Rex Wallace, "Recent Research on Sabellian Inscriptions"
News and Brief Communications
Conference Reports:
    Colloque International: "Gaulois et celtique continental" (Joe
    Eska) Seventeenth East Coast IE Conference (Andrew Garrett)
    Aspects of Bilingualism in the Ancient World (Mark Janse)
Book Reviews:
    Sound Law and Analogy, ed. A. Lubotsky (Brent Vine)
    Baltistik, ed. A. Bammesberger (Henning Andersen)
    Albanian-English Dictionary, ed. L. Newmark (Martin Huld)
    The Bronze Age and Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia, ed.
        V. Mair  (Karlene Jones-Bley)
List of New Electronic Resources for IE
List of Upcoming Conferences and Summer Schools
List of New Books
List of Books for Review (for the journal Language).

The Bulletin is officially affiliated with the Indo-European Studies
Program at UCLA.  Contribution levels (which pay for this bi-annual
newsletter and support IE activities) are $10 for students, $20 for
others ($25 for those outside the continental U.S.).   Checks should
be made payable in US$ to "FAIES/UCLA Foundation" and sent to: FAIES,
2143 Kelton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025.  Credit cards are also
accepted.  Eurochecks are not being accepted at this time. Back issues
are also available.  For a listing of contents of back issues, please

For further information, please contact:
dwanders at

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