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St. Catherine's College, in conjunction with the
University of Oxford's Committee for
Comparative Philology and General Linguistics,
hopes to award one University Graduate
Studentship tenable in any area of General
Linguistics or Comparative Philology from 1
October 2001 for up to three years.

Applications for this award should be made
through the Graduate Admissions Office in the
University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford,
OX1 2JD (email:
graduate.admissions at, from
whom further particulars can be obtained.
These can also be found by visiting the
University's graduate studies funding website

The studentship is open to students from both
within and outside the European Union accepted
by the Committee for Linguistics and Philology
for entry in October 2001 to read for a higher
degree at the University, and is tenable only at
St. Catherine's College.  The University's
deadline for applications is 31 January 2001.

St Catherine's College has a large and thriving
Middle Common Room for graduate students.
Limited High Table (Senior Common Room)
dining rights are also granted to the recipients
of University Studentships.  Accommodation
(charged at the current room rate) will be
available in College for single students for the
duration of the award.  There are fifteen flats
nearby which are suitable for couples.  Some of
these flats can also accommodate children.

Prospective applicants who wish to discuss the
Studentship informally are welcome to
approach John Charles Smith, at St. Catherine's
College, Oxford, OX1 3UJ (email:
johncharles.smith at   Theymay
also care to visit the College website (at http:// and the website of the
Centre for Linguistics and Philology (at http://

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