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 Open Day For The New MSc Programme In Computational Linguistics & Formal
Grammar At King's College London

	Date: 		May 11, 1999       	Time: 11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
	Location: 		Lecture Room     	Department of
Philosophy, King's

					College London, The Strand

The Department of Philosophy at King's College, University of London is
pleased to announce a new MSc in Computational Linguistics and Formal
Grammar. The programme is provisionally scheduled to begin in September,
1999 (final approval of the programme expected in March, 1999).

Come to the open day to hear details of the programme and discuss the
possibility of either entering the programme or taking some of its courses
in the context of another degree programme.

The programme will also welcome into its courses students studying for
other degrees in Philosophy at the University of London, students taking
Linguistics degrees at the University of London, and students from other
departments at King's College.

These courses will be of particular interest to students pursuing work in
philosophy of language, semantics, logic, artificial intelligence, and the
theory of formal grammar.

The program is a one-year full time MSc course designed primarily for
students who have completed a BA/BSc in linguistics, computer science,
philosophy, logic, or mathematics, and who wish to pursue the application
of formal and computationalmethods to the analysis of natural language. The
MSc will also serve as the taught year of an MPhil/Ph.D research degree in
formal grammar and computational linguistics.

Current faculty of the programme:
-	Professor Dov Gabbay (Computer Science Department)
	logic, non-monotonic reasoning
-	Professor Ruth Kempson (Philosphy Department)
	formal pragmatics, formal semantics, formal syntax
-	Professor Shalom Lappin (Philosophy Department)
	formal semantics, computational linguistics, formal syntax
-	Dr. Odinaldo Rodriguez (Computer Science Department)
	logic programming, Prolog
-	Lecturer (candidate tba, Philosophy Department)
	mathematical linguistics, formal properties of grammar, model theory,
-	Lecturer (candidate tba, Philosophy Department)
	computational approaches to discourse theory, formal semantics

Course convenor: Shalom Lappin

For additional information and application forms send inquiries to
lisa.turner at, or visit our web site at

Lisa Turner
Departmental Administrator
Philosophy Department
King's College London
Tel: 0171 873 2231
Fax: 0171 873 2270

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