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Brown University has a number of different programs that can support
interdisciplinary grad students and post-docs.  Computational linguistics
is one of the areas that is actively supported.  The advertisment below
describes our NSF IGERT training program which provides grad student
training and post-doc opportunities in Computational Linguistics.
(This program only supports US citizens and permanent residents, but
we have additional sources of funding for non-US grad students).

We're currently updating our Web presence, but the following sites give
you an idea of what is going on: (Student-run page on Comp Ling at Brown)  (The IGERT training program provides graduate
  and post-doctoral support for interdisciplinary research between Cog & Ling Sci,
  Computer Science and Applied Math, e.g., Computational Linguistics)  (The Brain Science program is an umbrella
  organization that unites interdisciplinary research at Brown on the Brain
  and Mind.  It also provides graduate and post-doctoral support.)

If you have questions about Computational Linguistics at Brown, email me
at Mark_Johnson at




   Brown University Interdisciplinary Graduate Training Program

                    Deadline for Applications: January 1, 2001

Brown University is actively recruiting graduate students for an
NSF-supported Interdisciplinary Graduate Education, Research and
Training (IGERT) program in "Learning and Action in the Face of
Uncertainty: Cognitive, Computational and Statistical Approaches".

The use of probabilistic models and statistical methods has had a
major impact on our understanding of language, vision, action, and
reasoning.  This training program provides students with the
opportunity to integrate a detailed study of human or artificial
systems for language acquisition and use, visual processing, action,
and reasoning with appropriate mathematical and computational
models. Students will be enrolled in one of the three participating
departments (Applied Mathematics, Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences, or
Computer Science) and will follow an interdisciplinary program of
courses in topics such as statistical estimation, cognitive processes,
linguistics, and computational models. The aim of this program is to
provide promising students with a mix of mathematical, computational
and experimental expertise to carry out multidisciplinary
collaborative research across the disciplines of Applied Mathematics,
Computer Science, and Cognitive Science.

Interested students should apply to the participating department
closest to their area of interest and expertise, and should indicate
their interest in the IGERT training program in their application.
These NSF funded positions are restricted to US citizens and permanent
residents. Brown University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

For additional information about the program, application procedures,
and ongoing research initiatives please visit our website at:

or download our brochure at:

or contact:

 Prof. Fulvio Domini
 Department of Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences
 Brown University, Box 1978
 Providence, RI 02912

Fulvio_Domini at

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