HPSG Workshop 3./4. Nov.

Detmar Meurers dm at sfs.nphil.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Oct 26 11:53:22 EST 2000

Dear colleagues,

A two-day workshop on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar will take
place in Tübingen on 3./4. November, organized by the Project B8 of
the Sonderforschungsbereich 340 and the CLAIRE collaboration project
between the CL/MT Research Group of the University of Essex and the
Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft of the University of Tübingen.

The program is attached below, an on-line version including links to
abstracts and other workshop related information can be found at:


If you are interested in attending the workshop, please send an email
to dm at sfs.nphil.uni-tuebingen.de

Beste Grüße aus Tübingen,
Detmar & Erhard


			   Int. Workshop on
		 Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
		      Max-Planck Haus, Tübingen
			 3./4. November 2000


Friday, 3. November

 8:30-9:00   Registration

 9:00-9:15   Welcome

 9:15-10:05  Ivan Sag (Stanford University):
             Some Wh-Constructions: a default analysis

 10:05-10:55 Paola Monachesi (Universiteit Utrecht):
             Romanian auxiliary(-like) constructions

 10:55-11:15 Coffee

 11:15-12:05 Tibor Kiss (Ruhr-Universität Bochum):
             A parametric binding theory

 12:05-12:55 Manfred Sailer (Universität Tübingen):
             Idiomatic expressions in non-constructional HPSG

 12:55-14:15 Lunch

 14:15-15:05 Tavs Bjerre (University of Southern Denmark, Kolding):
             Locative Prepositions and Adverbs in Danish

 15:05-15:55 Kordula De Kuthy (Universität Tübingen):
             Context effects and discontinuous NPs in German

 15:55-16:15 Coffee

 16:15-17:05 Frank van Eynde (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven):
             Some more minor prepositions in Dutch

 17:05-17:55 Jesse Tseng (Universität Tübingen): Syntactic Selection of

 17:55-18:05 Break

 18:05-18:55 General discussion with introductory statement
             by Erhard Hinrichs and Detmar Meurers (Universität Tübingen):
             Some remarks on trends in HPSG

 20:00       Workshop dinnner

Saturday, 4. November

 9:00-9:50   Robert D. Borsley (University of Essex, Colchester):
             Agreement and Missing NPs in Welsh

 9:50-10:40  Nathan Vaillette (OSU & Universität Tübingen):
             Resumptive Pronoun Constructions as Unbounded Dependencies

 10:40-11:00 Coffee

 11:00-11:50 Danièle Godard (CNRS, Université Lille 3):
             Complex predicates in Romance languages: a classification
             of their properties

 11:50-12:40 Stefan Müller (DFKI Saarbrücken, Universität des Saarlandes):
             Depictive Predicates in German

 12:40-14:00 Lunch

 14:00-14:50 Kiril Simov (LML, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia):
             Grammar Learning from an HPSG Corpus

 14:50-15:40 Stephan Kepser (Universität Tübingen):
             Coalgebraic Modelling of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

 15:40-16:00 Coffee

 16:00-16:50 Sabine Reinhard (Universität Osnabrück):
             An Architecture for Morphology

 16:50-17:40 Berthold Crysmann (DFKI Saarbrücken, Universität des
             Saarlandes): Local Linear Licensing

 17:40-17:50 Break

 17:50-18:40 Bob Levine (OSU & Universität Tübingen):
             Weak UDCs and strong crossover: type covariation between
             token-distinct signs?

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