AW: HPSG's position on adjunction and movement

pollard at pollard at
Wed Jan 30 06:59:46 EST 2002

Hi Tibor,

'What makes you think ...' does not have to be an instance of head-filler,
right? (Chomsky's Vacuous Movement Hypothesis, 1986).

[Not to put to fine a point on it], [[how hard] [do you think it would be
to modify my examples in such a way that the material  following
the preclausal adjunct WAS an instance of head-filler]?

I thought that (1)
below should be out:

(1) In exactly 20 minutes, how many pictures can you take?

Impeccable, I'd say.

Still, I think you have a point -- the sorts of things that can modify
a filler-head structure are extremely constrained, especially if it is
an interrogative, and it would be good to have a theory of that (not
to say there aren't any, I just don't know).


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