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How about:
For your birthday what would you like?
Last year where did you go on holiday?
In case of bad weather, where shall we meet?
Given the time, how can we get this done today?
In California, what's the weather like?


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>Seriously/Incidentally/By the way/For the love of God/Not to put to
>fine a point on it, what makes you think you can't adjoin to a phrase
>after movement has taken place?
>'What makes you think ...' does not have to be an instance of head-filler,
>right? (Chomsky's Vacuous Movement Hypothesis, 1986).
>Also, is that really an instance of clausal modification? I thought that (1)
>below should be out:
>(1) In exactly 20 minutes, how many pictures can you take?
>(2) How many pictures can you take in exactly 20 minutes?
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