Semantic compositionality

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You might start with either Kay, P. English subjectless tagged
sentences. Language 78, 456-481 (2002), or Ginsburg J. and I Sag
Interrogative Investigations...CSLI (2000) and work backwards through the
references.  There has been a lot of work in HPSG and in Construction
Grammar on precisely this issue -- if I have understood your question
correctly.  An early and informal approach to this problem is Fillmore, et
al. Regularity and idiomaticity in grammatical constructions...Langauge
64, 501-538 (1988).


On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, [iso-8859-1] soma paul wrote:

> Can someone inform me if any work is available on
> semantic non-compostionality.  THat is, a phrase is
> built and its sematnics cannot be computed by applying
> semantic conpositionality principle.
> soma
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