TLT 7 - Call for Participation

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Fri Dec 19 11:03:51 EST 2008


January 23-24, 2009
Groningen, The Netherlands


The Seventh International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic
Theories will be held on January 23 and 24, 2009 in Groningen,
The Netherlands.

Registration is now open at


Treebanks are language resources that include annotations at levels of
linguistic structure beyond the word level. They typically provide
syntactic constituent or dependency structures for sentences and
sometimes functional and predicate-argument structures. Treebanks have
become crucially important for the development of data-driven
approaches to natural language processing, human language
technologies, grammar extraction and linguistic research in general.
There are a number of ongoing projects aiming at compiling
representative treebanks for specific languages. In addition, there
are projects that develop tools or explore annotation beyond syntactic
structure and beyond a single language.

Experiences in building syntactically processed corpora have shown
that there is a relation between formal linguistic theory and the
practice of syntactic annotation. Therefore the connection between
treebank development and linguistic theories and paradigms merits

This series of workshops aims at being a forum for researchers and
advanced students working in these areas. We encourage interested
potential participants to read the proceedings of the previous
workshops (see the webpage for links).


Adam Przepiorkowski - Linguistic annotation for valence acquisition
    and for its evaluation
Robert Malouf - Treebanks and evolutionary simulation for explaining
    typological patterns


Towards a multi-representational treebank
    Fei Xia, Rajesh Bhatt, Owen Rambow, Martha Palmer and Dipti Misra
PASSAGE Syntactic Representation (Talk & Demo)
    Patrick Paroubek, Eric de la Clergerie, Sylvain Loiseau, Anne
    Vilnat and Gil Francopoulo
Huge Parsed Corpora in LASSY
    Gertjan van Noord
Cultivating Trees: Adding Several Semantic Layers to the Lassy
    Treebank in SoNaR
    Ineke Schuurman, Veronique Hoste and Paola Monachesi
The Distribution of Weak and Strong Object Reflexives in Dutch
    Gosse Bouma and Jennifer Spenader
Similarity Rules! Exploring Methods for Ad-Hoc Rule Detection
    Markus Dickinson and Jennifer Foster
MonaSearch - A Tool for Querying Linguistic Treebanks
    Hendrik Maryns and Stephan Kepser
Constructing a Valence Lexicon for a Treebank of German
    Erhard Hinrichs and Heike Telljohann
TePaCoC - A Testsuite for Testing Parser Performance on Complex German
    Grammatical Constructions
    Sandra Kuebler, Ines Rehbein and Josef van Genabith
A Data-Driven Dependency Parser for Romanian
    Mihaela Calacean and Joakim Nivre
Automatic Annotation of Morpho-Syntactic Dependencies in a Modern
    Hebrew Treebank
    Noemie Guthmann, Yuval Krymolowski, Adi Milea and Yoad Winte
A Quechua-Spanish Parallel Treebank
    Annette Rios Gonzales, Anne Gohring and Martin Volk
Extracting and Annotating Wikipedia Sub-Domains
    Gisle Ytrestol, Stephan Oepen and Daniel Flickinger
Semantic Annotation of Genitive Attributes in a German Treebank (Poster)
    Maya Bangerter
To Use a Treebank or Not - Which Is Better for Hypernym Extraction?
    Erik Tjong Kim Sang
LFG Parsebanker: A Tool for Building and Searching a Treebank as a
    Parsed Corpus (Poster & Demo)
    Victoria Rosen, Paul Meurer and Koenraad De Smedt


Gertjan van Noord, Gosse Bouma, Barbara Plank, Tim van de Cruys,
Jelena Prokic, Cagri Coltekin, Erik Tjong Kim Sang (University of
Groningen, the Netherlands) and Ineke Schuurman (University of Leuven,


Frank Van Eynde,  University of Leuven, Belgium
Anette Frank,  University of Heidelberg, Germany
Koenraad De Smedt,  University of Bergen, Norway

Anne Abeille, France
Gosse Bouma, the Netherlands
Aoife Cahill, Germany
Stefanie Dipper, Germany
Josef van Genabith, Ireland
Jan Hajic, Czech Republic
Erhard Hinrichs, Germany
Julia Hockenmaier, USA
Sandra Kuebler, USA
Domen Marincic, Slovenia
Yuji Matsumoto, Japan
Detmar Meurers, USA
Yusuke Miyao, Japan
Joakim Nivre, Sweden
Stephan Oepen, Norway
Adam Przepiorkowski, Poland
Victoria Rosen, Norway
Yvonne Samuelsson, Sweden
Kiril Simov, Bulgaria
Manfred Stede, Germany
Yannick Versley, Germany


For more information on the registration procedure, venue and
other aspects of the workshop, please see the workshop website:


TLT will be co-located with CLIN (Computational Linguistics in the
Netherlands), which will be held on January 22, 2009, in Groningen.

Please forward this call to colleagues of yours who may be interested.


The organisation of TLT 7 is an initiative of STEVIN Lassy: Large
Scale Syntactic Annotation of written Dutch. Further information on
Lassy can be found at

TLT 7 is supported by: STEVIN, TST-centrale, Textkernel, CLCG,
Gemeente Groningen, University of Groningen, Gridline, Q-go and
Provincie Groningen.

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