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Note: though the deadline is listed as January 1st, late applications are

The Department of Linguistics and the Department of Brain & Cognitive
Sciences at the University of Rochester invite applications from students
interested in pursuing a joint Ph.D. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and

The Department of Linguistics ( combines
strengths in formal linguistics--syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics
and laboratory phonology--with experimental and empirical methodologies. The
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (
combines strengths in language research--language processing, language
acquisition, brain and language--with vision, and neuroscience, which
includes computational neuroscience, learning and plasticity. The language
researchers in these departments--along with those in Computer Science and
Philosophy--constitute Rochester's Center for Language Sciences.

We welcome applications from students interested in investigating the
syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of language, using experimental and
empirical techniques, and students interested in laboratory phonology and
experimental phonetics. We also welcome applications from students
interested in cross-linguistic and field-based research. In particular we
seek applicants interested in working in the interdisciplinary environment
provided by the Center for Language Sciences, which encourages using the
tools of both linguistics and the other cognitive sciences in investigating
linguistic problems.

Students interested in the joint Brain & Cognitive Sciences/Linguistics
Ph.D. program should apply through the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department
(, by January 1,
2008. For further information, please go to the Center for Language Sciences
web pages ( or contact associated faculty.

Jeffrey T. Runner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Linguistics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Acting Director, Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies
Linguistics Office: Lattimore 511a, (585) 275-2626
SBAI Office: Lattimore 538, (585) 275-8318
University of Rochester
River Campus Box 270096, Rochester, NY  14627
runner at
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