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Subject: Research Student Internship (6 months)

Project title: Arabic Parsing

Job Category: Research Student Internship (6 months)

Location: Dublin City University, School of Computing, Dublin 9, Ireland

Closing date for applications: 12 September 2010

The National Centre for Language Technology (NCLT) invites applications from 
PhD research students or MSc research students to join the NCLT/CNGL research 
team in the context of the Arabic Natural Language Processing project funded 
by the Faculty of Engineering & Computing.  

The internship project aims to produce an efficient pre-processing method for 
Arabic data in order to improve existing statistical/machine-learning-based 
POS-taggers, morphological analysers and parsing systems. This pre-processing 
will take the form of date and numerical expression normalisation and 
spelling/grammatical error correction with a view to parsing of unrestricted 
Arabic text.

This project involves a considerable amount of research and technology 
infrastructure building. Experience in Natural Language Processing is 
required. Applicants should have a good grounding in Statistical Parsing, 
Machine Learning-based NLP, and a good knowledge of Arabic grammar would be 

The internship will be for a max. of 6 months (October 2010 – March 2011) and 
we will pay a stipend of  €1300 per month to cover living expenses (This 
amount is not liable to tax).

To apply, email Dr. Lamia Tounsi (lamia dot tounsi at computing dot dcu dot 
ie) attaching a recent CV and contact details for two references.

Dr. Lamia Tounsi
National Centre for Language Technology
Dublin City University
School of computing

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