Second Call for Participation: Empirical, Theoretical and Computational Approaches to Countability in Natural Language

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Fri Aug 20 20:26:46 EDT 2010

Second Call for Participation
Empirical, Theoretical and Computational Approaches to Countability
in Natural Language

Date: 22-Sep-2010 - 24-Sep-2010
Location: Bochum, Germany
Contact: Tibor Kiss
Contact Email: countability2010 at
Meeting URL:

A conference organized by the Linguistics Department
(Sprachwissenschaftliches Institut) of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.

If you intend to participate, please register via the following
web form:

The conference fee will be 30 €, to be paid on site.


19:00 - Warming Up at "Una Mas"

Day 1 -- 22/09/2010
10:00 - Tibor Kiss: Introduction to the conference and announcements

10:30 - Paolo Acquaviva: Countability and part structure in grammar and

11:15 - Scott Grimm, Alex Djalali: Extension, ontological type, and
         morphosyntactic class: Three ingredients of countability

12:00 - Tobias Stadtfeld: Determining the countability of English and
         German nouns

12:45 - Lunch Break

14:00 - Hagit Borer (with Sarah Ouwayda): Playing your cardinals right
         (Invited talk)

15:00 - Break

15:30 - Gerhard Schaden: Problematic feature mappings in number

16:15 - Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin: Number neutrality: From pluralization to
         unspecified cardinality

17:00 - Niina Zhang: Two defining properties of countability

17:45 - End of Day 1

Day 2 - 23/09/2010
09:00 - Xu-Ping Li: Counting and measure functions of classifiers
         in a classifier language

09:45 - Suzi Lima: Bare nouns and plurality in Yudja: Mass nouns and
         the signature property

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Henriette de Swart (with Bert Le Bruyn and Joost Zwarts):
         Monolingual, multilingual and comparative explorations
         in countability (Invited talk)

12:00 - Roberto Zamparelli: Abstract mass nouns and corpus-based

12:45 - Lunch Break

14:00 - Aurelie Herbelot: Underquantification: An application to
         mass terms

14:45 - M. Teresa Espinal: Bare common count nouns and mass nouns

15:30 - Marijke De Belder: Flavours of n: On the morphosyntax
         of collective mass nouns

16:15 - Break

16:45 - Mihaela Marchis: On the mass/plural interpretation of
         relational adjectives and de phrases in Romance

17:30 - Gianina Iordachioaia (with Elena Soare): Countability across
         categories: Layers of pluractionality in the Romanian supine

18:15 - End of Day 2

19:00 - Conference Dinner, Location TBA

Day 3 - 24/09/2010
09:00 - Abdelkader Fassi Fehri: Generality in the grammar
         of countability

09:45 - Daniel Harbour: Aspect, masshood, pronominal number,
         and the integers

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Francis Jeffry Pelletier: Lexical nouns are both +mass and
         +count, and also neither +mass nor +count (Invited talk)

12:00 - Lunch Break

13:00 - Mario Saltarelli: The grammaticalization of countability:
         A non-lexical hypothesis

13:45 - Martina Werner: The grammaticalisation of countability:
         The quantificational role of suffixes illustrated
         on the diachrony of German masculine -er-nominalisations

14:30 - Jenny Doetjes: Mismatches in the lexicon

15:15 - General discussion and closing comments 	

16:00 - End of Day 3 	

Conference Organizers:

- Tibor Kiss
- Tobias Stadtfeld
- Antje Müller
- Katja Keßelmeier
- Claudia Roch
- Jan Strunk

On behalf of the conference organizers:

Jan Strunk
Sprachwissenschaftliches Institut
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
strunk at

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