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Tue Jun 28 19:06:18 EDT 2011

Online registration is now open for the conference:

'Explorations in Syntactic Government and Subcategorisation'
     Wednesday 31 August 2011 - Saturday 3 September 2011
                 University of Cambridge, UK

Conference website:

Linguistic fields: General Linguistics, Linguistic Typology, Syntax, 
Morphology, Formal Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Corpus 

WEDNESDAY 31 August 2011

  9:00- 9:55  REGISTRATION
  9:55-10:00  WELCOME
10:00-11:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Conceptual bases and structural correlates of government'
              Christian Lehmann (Erfurt)
11:00-11:30  TEA/COFFEE
11:30-12:00  'Syntactic government and subcategorisation: an overview'
              Anna Kibort (Cambridge & Surrey Morphology Group)
12:00-12:30  'Clausal identity types'
              Dorothee Beermann (NUST Trondheim)
12:30-13:00  'Agreement and government in adjective attribution marking'
              Michael Riessler (Freiburg)
13:00-14:15  LUNCH
14:15-14:45  'The alternating predicate puzzle: comparing Icelandic and
              Johanna Barddal (Bergen) & Thorhallur Eythorsson (U of
14:45-15:15  'Verbal "stem-agreement" in Algonquian languages as
              semantic-constructional selectionality'
              Conor McDonough Quinn (Southern Maine)
15:15-15:45  'Head and dependent marking and the Pamiri verb: a
              defaults-based account in Network Morphology'
              Andrew Hippisley & Greg Stump (Kentucky)
15:45-16:15  TEA/COFFEE
16:15-17:00  'Empirical valency research and the problem of predicting
              syntactic behaviour from semantics'
              Susen Faulhaber & Thomas Herbst (Erlangen)
17:00-18:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Arguments with adjectives'
              Nigel Vincent & Kersti Borjars (Manchester)

THURSDAY 1 September 2011

  9:00-10:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Government and agreement: what's where why?'
              Balthasar Bickel (Zurich)
10:00-10:30  'Topic and government in Thai, an isolating language'
              Makoto Minegishi (UFS Tokyo)
10:30-11:00  TEA/COFFEE
11:00-11:30  'Gradience in subcategorisation? Locative phrases with
              Italian verbs of motion'
              Michela Cennamo (Naples) & Alessandro Lenci (Pisa)
11:30-12:00  'Looking for the governor, or the problem of argument
              status in double-marking languages. A Construction Grammar
              Eva Schultze-Berndt (Manchester)
12:00-13:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Predicates and argument selection: grammatical marking
              and grammatical functions'
              Farrell Ackerman (UC San Diego)
13:00-14:15  LUNCH
14:15-14:45  'Complements and their form. A generative perspective'
              Theresa Biberauer (Cambridge)
14:45-15:15  'Non-subcategorized CP arguments in German'
              Jennifer Rau (UMass Amherst)
15:15-15:45  'Tracking the dependencies of dependencies'
              Niina Ning Zhang (CCU)
15:45-16:15  TEA/COFFEE
16:15-17:00  'Government in Dependency Grammar'
              Timothy Osborne & Thomas Gross (Aichi)
17:00-18:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Government, agreement and minimality'
              Ian Roberts (Cambridge)

19:30-23:00  CONFERENCE DINNER at Queens' College (Old Hall)

FRIDAY 2 September 2011

  9:00-10:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Predicting case frames across languages: a competing
              motivations approach to (differential) case marking'
              Andrej Malchukov (MPI Leipzig)
10:00-10:30  'To agree or not to agree: what variable case government
              tells us about possessor raising'
              Joan Maling (Brandeis U)
10:30-11:00  TEA/COFFEE
11:00-11:30  'Structural government effects in Hungarian locative
              Balazs Suranyi (RIL HAS)
11:30-12:00  'Case government vs case agreement: modelling Modern
              Greek case attraction phenomena in LFG'
              Kakia Chatsiou (Essex)
12:00-13:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'A declarative perspective on agreement and government'
              Peter Sells (SOAS London)
13:00-14:15  LUNCH
14:15-14:45  'Modeling subcategorization through co-occurrence: a
              computational lexical resource for Italian verbs'
              Gabriella Lapesa (Osnabruck) & Alessandro Lenci (Pisa)
14:45-15:15  'Fine-grained valence acquisition from large corpora for
              treebank grammars'
              Tejaswini Deoskar (Edinburgh)
15:15-15:45  'Learning relational nouns from corpora'
              Berthold Crysmann (Bonn)
15:45-16:15  TEA/COFFEE
              'Syntactic government patterns in the Sketch Engine and in
              syntagmatic dictionaries for Estonian'
              Jelena Kallas (Tallinn)
              'Government models for cross-lingual transformations'
              Elena Kozerenko (IIP RAS)
              'Directional asymmetry in agreement and case-marking:
              deriving Greenberg's Universals 33 and 41'
              Hisao Tokizaki (Sapporo)
              'Valency classes and the coding of arguments in the
              Leipzig Valency Project'
              Andrej Malchukov, Iren Hartmann, Martin Haspelmath,
              Bernard Comrie & Soren Wichmann (MPI Leipzig)
16:45-17:45  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Automatic acquisition of subcategorisation from large
              text corpora'
              Adam Przepiorkowski (PAS Warsaw)

SATURDAY 3 September 2011

  9:00-10:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'A canonical approach to government and the case for
              variable case'
              Silvia Luraghi (Pavia)
10:00-10:30  'Modeling variable government in Russian pseudosynonymous
              verb-preposition constructions: a Construction Grammar
              Irina Iakovleva (Ulyanovsk)
10:30-11:00  TEA/COFFEE
11:00-11:30  'On adverbial complements in German'
              Tibor Kiss, Antje Mueller & Claudia Roch (Bochum)
11:30-12:00  'Locative particle dependencies in Hungarian'
              Gyorgy Rakosi & Tibor Laczko (Debrecen)
12:00-13:00  KEYNOTE TALK:
              'Governed cases vs semantic cases - a view from morphology'
              Andrew Spencer (Essex)
13:00-14:00  LUNCH
       14:00  END

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