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ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update

We are happy to announce that 10 new Pronunciation Dictionaries and 1 
new Evaluation Package are now available in our catalogue.

*_The GlobalPhone Pronunciation Dictionaries:_* GlobalPhone is a 
multilingual speech and text database collected at Karlsruhe University, 
Germany. The GlobalPhone pronunciation dictionaries contain the 
pronunciations of all word forms found in the transcription data of the 
GlobalPhone speech & text database. The pronunciation dictionaries are 
currently available in 10 languages: Arabic (29230 entries/27059 words), 
Bulgarian (20193 entries), Czech (33049 entries/32942 words), French 
(36837 entries/20710 words), German (48979 entries/46035 words), Hausa 
(42662 entries/42079 words), Japanese (18094 entries), Polish (36484 
entries), Portuguese (Brazilian) (54146 entries/54130 words) and Swedish 
(about 25000 entries). Other 8 languages will also be released: 
Chinese-Mandarin, Croatian, Korean, Russian, Spanish (Latin American), 
Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Special prices are offered for a combined purchase of several 
GlobalPhone languages.

Available GlobalPhone Pronuncation Dictionaries are listed below (click 
on the links for further details):
***ELRA-S0340 GlobalPhone French Pronunciation Dictionary***
For more information, see: 
**ELRA-S0341 GlobalPhone German Pronunciation Dictionary**
For more information, see: 
**ELRA-S0348 GlobalPhone Japanese Pronunciation Dictionary**
For more information, see: 
**ELRA-S0350 GlobalPhone Arabic Pronunciation Dictionary **
For more information, see: 
*ELRA-S0351 GlobalPhone Bulgarian Pronunciation Dictionary
*For more information, see: 
*ELRA-S0352 GlobalPhone Czech Pronunciation Dictionary*
For more information, see: 
*ELRA-S0353 GlobalPhone Hausa Pronunciation Dictionary*
For more information, see: 
*ELRA-S0354 GlobalPhone Polish Pronunciation Dictionary*
For more information, see: 
*ELRA-S0355 GlobalPhone Portuguese (Brazilian) Pronunciation Dictionary*
For more information, see: 
*ELRA-S0356 GlobalPhone Swedish Pronunciation Dictionary*
For more information, see: 
*ELRA-E0041 CHIL 2007+ Evaluation Package*
The CHIL Seminars are scientific presentations given by students, 
faculty members or invited speakers in the field of multimodal 
interfaces and speech processing. The language is European English 
spoken by non native speakers. The recordings comprise the following: 
videos of the speaker and the audience from 4 fixed cameras, frontal 
close ups of the speaker, close talking and far-field microphone data of 
the speaker's voice and background sounds.
The CHIL 2007+ Evaluation Package includes: 1) CHIL 2007 Evaluation 
Package (see ELRA-E0033) and 2) additional annotations which have been 
created within the scope of the Metanet4u Project (ICT PSP No 270893), 
sponsored by the European Commission.
For more information, see: 

For more information on the catalogue, please contact Valérie Mapelli 
mailto:mapelli at elda.org

Visit our On-line Catalogue: http://catalog.elra.info
Visit the Universal Catalogue: http://universal.elra.info
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