[I-LanD Research Centre] Book Announcement: "Food Across Cultures: Linguistic Insights in Transcultural Tastes" (edited by Giuseppe Balirano and Siria Guzzo) [2019, Palgrave Macmillan]

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Dear all, 


We are delighted to announce the publication of a new book that might be of
interest to you, edited by Giuseppe Balirano (University of Naples
“L’Orientale”, Italy) and Siria Guzzo (University of Salerno, Italy), titled
“Food Across Cultures: Linguistic Insights in Transcultural Tastes” (2019,
Palgrave Macmillan; https://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9783030111526#). 


The edited volume brings together original sociolinguistic and cultural
contributions on food as an instrument to explore diasporic identities.
Focusing on food practices in cross-cultural contact, the authors reveal how
they can be used as a powerful vehicle for positive intercultural exchange
either though conservation and the maintenance of cultural continuity, or
through hybridization and the means through which migrant communities find
compromise, or even consent, within the host community. Each chapter
presents a fascinating range of data and new perspectives on cultures and
languages in contact: from English (and some of its varieties) to Italian,
German, Spanish, and to Japanese and Palauan, as well as an exemplary range
of types of contact, in colonial, multicultural, and diasporic situations.
The authors use a range of integrated approaches to examine how
socio-linguistic food practices can, and do, contribute to identity
construction in diverse transnational and diasporic contexts. The book will
be of particular interest to students and scholars of translation,
semiotics, cultural studies and sociolinguistics.






Giuseppe Balirano and Siria Guzzo


Chap. 1: Italian Food Perception as a Marker of the Spread of Italian
Identity in Germany

Amelia Bandini and Marcella Corduas


Chap. 2: Food and Translation in Montalbano

Margherita Dore


Chap. 3: Callaloo or Pelau? Food, Identity and Politics in Trinidad and

Eleonora Esposito


Chap. 4: Diasporic Identities in Social Practices: Language and Food in the
Loughborough Italian Community

Siria Guzzo and Anna Gallo


Chap. 5: Stuff the Turkey! An Investigation of Food, Language and
Performative Identity Construction in Eat Pray Love

Bronwen Hughes


Chap. 6: Pancakes Stuffed with Sweet Bean Paste: Food-Related Lexical
Borrowings as Indicators of the Intensity of Language Contact in the Pacific

Kazuko Matsumoto and David Britain


Chap. 7: Pizza Chiena Between Two Worlds

Suzanne Romaine



We hope that you will find this volume interesting and that it will help
inspire further research on food as an instrument to explore diasporic


Kind regards,

Antonio Fruttaldo



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