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Congratulations on the first anniversary of ILAT!  Although I just recently
joined, it is easy to see that it serves a vital role.  And as one who
manages several specialized fora on aspects of African languages and
technology, I recognize the effort that goes into building and maintaining
such a list.  Sannu da aiki, fo nda goy, aan e tiyabu, i ni ce - as they
would say in several of the languages of the Sahel - good work!


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From: "Phil CashCash" <cashcash at EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU>
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Subject: ILAT anniversary!

dear ILAT subscribers,

this week marks the one year anniversary (Oct 2002-Oct 2003) of ILAT!
the Indigenous Languages and Technology discussion list originally came
into being as an idea to generate insights and ideas on the potential
interface between technology, language, and indigenous communities.

efforts at the University of ArizonaÂ~Rs Learning Technology Center (ltc)
provided the initial inspiration for this endeavor.  one of the more
immediate outcomes was the creation of a short technology course at
AILDI (American Indian Language Development Institute) this past
summer.  you can view the course webpage at:

also, an ILAT technology page is in the works:

ehée qeciyéewyew...many thanks to all of you for joining and
participating in ILAT!  please continue with your introductions,
discussions, and support for indigenous languages.

phil cash cash (cayuse/nez perce)
UofA, ILAT list manager
phd student in anthropology and linguistics


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