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I asked Nicholas Ostler for more info on the grant and here is the reply
(forwarded with permission). You may want to skip to his text towards the end
of the message. Of course I forwarded more info on ILAT to him. DZO

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Donald Z. Osborn wrote:

>Dear Nicholas, Hope you are doing well. I forwarded your announcement to a
>couple of lists, including ILAT.
THanks. That's very helpful.  But what does "ILAT" stand for?

>Here is one reader's question. Not sure if you
>might have any response, suggestions, or cases for example.
My answer is below.

>On one hand the reader has a point (though we all I think recognize that FEL
>does not have deep pockets).
Gradually deeper, luckily.

>On the other hand, I personally would see your
>grant as something like (1) seed money, (2) something to complete/advance work
>that may have had other funding or (3) something aimed at grassroots efforts
>places where <$1500 might translate into quite a bit of working funds.
I agree totally, especially with point three.

>Thanks in advance for any feedback and best of luck with your ongoing and
>vitally important efforts.
>Don Osborn, Ph.D.         dzo at bisharat.net
>*Bisharat! A language, technology & development initiative
>*Bisharat! Initiative langues - technologie - développement
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>What do you mob think of the proposals?  To me, it seems like the
>amount of work that goes into writing the proposal isn't worth the
>small value of the grants.  Has anyone ever been involved in a project
>that used this funding and how was it?
Certainly, > $1500 isn't going to go far in a first-world country,
especially if the costs are for equipment, but:

If you look at the documentation it's not so difficult to put together
an application, maybe an afternoon's work. People tend to submit
applications that are far longer than we need. That's why we have said
3-pages maximum for the Case for Support and a two-page application form.

Money often goes a long way in third-world countries - especally pounds
sterling, currently the hardest currency there is!

The fact of being awarded something from a global fund can work wonders
for morale.

For anyone interested, I can send a resume of past grant-winners.

All the best

Nicholas Ostler

Foundation for Endangered Languages
Registered Charity: England and Wales 1070616
172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England
+44-1225-852865  nostler at chibcha.demon.co.uk

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