Bly seeks state office of indigenous language

Don Osborn dzo at BISHARAT.NET
Wed Mar 14 02:28:35 UTC 2007

Hi Charles, If by royalty-free you mean free to use (no license
restrictions?) then I wonder if these illustrations might also be adaptable
to wiki content (scan to image file). On the AfrophoneWikis list there has
been discussion of use of "template" illustrations with tags that can be
filled in with names à la Duden for different language editions of
Wikipedia. Any potential addition to the bank of quality illustrations that
could be used would be welcome.


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> Hi Richard;
> This would be one option:
> The books listed there aren't limited to N. America, and they're small
> illustrations rather than poster-sized photos, but it's royalty-free
> material that can be used.
> Charles Riley
> Quoting Richard Smith <rzs at TDS.NET>:
> > This is a rather basic request:
> > Is there anyone who knows where I could get posters of N. American
> animals
> > Or good clear photos of american wild animals that can be made into
> posters
> > Where the native name can be printed below it?
> > The Wyandot language classes are going great
> > here in Wyandotte Oklahoma, and the public school has even given us
> our own
> > room...but it seriously needs posters...and non-state maps
> > Thanks
> > Richard Zane Smith
> >

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