Sengwer language of western Kenya

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Hello A12n


On recent travels to Kenya, I met with a number of indigenous language
groups who are struggling to maintain and/or renew their language and
culture. I'm a non-expert with concern that these groups be given the chance
to flourish once again.


One such group, the Sengwer People of the Charangani Hills area of western
Kenya, expressed the need for linguistics help (i.e. orthography, see note
below) when I passed on a contact for the First Voices' Endangered Language
publishing project, which you may know about through another Canadian A12n
member, Peter Brand.


Has anyone on the list worked in this part of Kenya, or able to make a
connection with the Sengwer? I will pass on contact information if this
seems appropriate.



Phil Vernon

(new) list member


Sengwer comment:

We haven't had a volunteer with knowledge on linguistics or  financial
support to hire a linguistic consultant to put the language correctly
according to how it is spoken/pronounced.

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