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Hopefully this is a dumb question, but  the fonts in the directory are all unicode encoded?

Tangential question: are there any indigenous language programs using non-standard encodings for fonts with extended Latin characters (either on the web or on computer applications?

Don Osborn

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It is a bit trickier than that if you want to handle content in a
cross browser and cross OS manor, including mobile devices.

* You'd need to support eot, ttf/otf, woff and svg web fonts.

* Avoid optimising webfonts when they use opentype tables, since some
tools strip out opentype tables breaking the font.

* Current best practice for @font-face syntax is described at

* Most recent versions of firefox impose same origin restrictions.
Other browsers may also do this in the future. This means that web
fonts have to be form the same origin as the stylesheet and site using
them. Its possible to get around this restriction if you want your
fonts at a different domain or sub-domain form the content. On an
apache server you will need to add a .htaccess file with commands to
allow other origins to use the fonts.

* You may want to use something like Googles WebFont Loader to handle
how webfonts are called and how the page is styled while the page is
loading (with cross browser consistency).


On 16 February 2011 09:04, Neskie Manuel <neskiem at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah that's it.  The fonts have to be available somewhere on the web, but
> you have to make sure you have a license for it.

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