[Lexicog] "spin and googly"

Fritz Goerling Fritz_Goerling at SIL.ORG
Sat May 22 17:17:12 UTC 2004


Thank you for the compliment. Compliments, like questions, although
proper, can have a double edge which is not immediately present. ;-)


  On 21/05/2004 11:58, Fritz Goerling wrote:

  > Hi there, Patrick,
  > As I am not a native speaker of English I believe you and Steve White,
  > who said the same about this term coming from sports.
  > As I play table tennis, I know what a top spin is. I don't know
  > cricket but have heard about the term "googly" (through Peter Kirk,
  > an Englishman on this list) which must refer to when you give the ball
  > a strong spin.
  > Thanks.
  > Fritz
  Fritz, you are good at bowling googlies, at least metaphorically.
  Patrick's basic description is correct, but it's not quite fair to say
  it is "deception" as it within the rules of the game. So the
  metaphorical use on which I congratulate you is more a matter of asking
  questions which, although perfectly proper, have a double edge which is
  not immediately apparent.


  Peter Kirk
  peter at qaya.org (personal)
  peterkirk at qaya.org (work)

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