[Lexicog] What is considered "meat"?

Peter Kirk peterkirk at QAYA.ORG
Mon May 24 10:37:21 UTC 2004

On 22/05/2004 19:37, Wayne Leman wrote:

> Recently my wife and I were discussing what entities we considered English
> "meat" to come from (within our worldview). I think we agreed that most
> prototypical English "meat" comes from cattle, wild game (e.g. deer,
> moose),
> and hogs (pork). For us, what comes from poultry (e.g. chicken, turkey,
> ducks and other birds) might be meat, but we're not sure, and whatever we
> eat from poultry definitely is not nearly as much "meat" as is meat from
> bovines. For both of us, what we eat from fish is not meat. Your own
> mileage
> on "meat," of course, may vary, as a speaker of English.
> ...
> What words for 'meat' show up in languages you have worked with and what
> counts as meat within the worldviews of a majority of their speakers?
In Azerbaijani, ət [æt] is the generic term for "meat", also "flesh"
i.e. the soft part of the body. In a food context, ət is prototypically
either beef or lamb. The Azerbaijan Airlines stewardess offered me a
choice between "ət" and "toyuq", i.e. between beef or lamb and chicken,
and a similar choice is common at kebab stands. But I think chicken can
also be ət in some contexts, although I don't think fish can be.

Peter Kirk
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peterkirk at qaya.org (work)

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