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Wayne Leman wayne_leman at SIL.ORG
Mon May 24 13:30:36 UTC 2004

You are probably right about the onomatopoeia of the verbs I listed, Peter.
I didn't word my original statement very well. What I was trying to say was:

For this particular collection, I am looking for verbs or nouns for the
sounds which specific animals make, not for a subset of words, such as
English bow-wow, woof-woof, cockle-doodle-doo (and Spanish that my wife
speaks, kikiriki, for the rooster), which imitate the sounds but typically
do not act as verbs or nouns. This still may not be precise enough, but I
hope I am making some sense about the difference in the two sets, if that
difference exists in a language. (It does in English, but not in many other

> But surely most of the English verbs you list are onomatopoeic?
> (Probably all except the generic "sing" and "laugh".) I ask this because
> I can't offer Azerbaijani words which are not onomatopoeic, but I
> suspect that the same is true in most languages.

Then, please do offer the Az. words. I wasn't trying to limit responses,
only to separate out subsets of words which serve to imitate the sounds
made, but not to act as verbs or nouns by which statements can be made about
a specific animals making a sound.

Wayne Leman
Busby, Montana Grid DN65nm

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