[Lexicog] "meat market" as bodybuilders

Fritz Goerling Fritz_Goerling at SIL.ORG
Mon May 24 23:16:44 UTC 2004

         Sure, Steve,

          I  heard the term used in self-irony and satirically. Apart from
health and fitness
          reasons, people who go to these clubs want to  be physically
          "to be in shape" (the California slang is that the guys want to be
"buff",  the ladies want "to be
          toned up") . But what is "in shape"? Is slim necessarily
beautiful? You and I, having worked
          in Africa, know that they have a fleshier beauty ideal here.


  The expression "meat market" to mean a gym or body builders hangout, is a
  satiric expression that such a place represents people valued or not
  simply on the basis of their physique, in the way that animals in a real
  meat market would be valued or not valued based on the quantity or quality
  of their meat.

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